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Fanime 2013 Shenanigans 
30th-May-2013 01:53 am
Cute Pikachu Satoshi
And so another year of Fanime has past. The major difference is that I actually went for all four days this time, five if you count Day 0. I feel more accomplished this year than the other years I've been going to it. I'm so happy I got to finally experience a full con this year. It will be a long time before this will happen again.

Ahh, only a day after the convention ended and my feet still hurt from walking everywhere all weekend.

{ DAY 0 }

Played a bit of D&D with a couple friends. It was a horrible first game. Friend & I kept getting attacked by wolves and the dice were in their favor. My character kept hitting air, a tree, and then after a few turns it finally succeeded in hitting the wolves. Horrible first battle man. It was awkward at first since I did not know how to react. I'm not really good at improv so it was just 'um um--oh right.'

After the encounter with the wolves we just left for Fanime. We went to La Luna's first to get dinner and then walked over to the Fairmont to see the line being gigantic! It was then we saw some guys having trouble with their stuff for the Swap Meet. Friends and I decided to help them.

Then we decided to line up till Swap Meet opens at 8 (it was 6 at the time). The dudes in front of us played Panty And Stocking; the dub isn't all that bad man. I loved it. REPENT MOTHERFUCKERS!

Once Swap Meet was open, ooooh it was heaven. All these old school stuff, ah it was stupendous. It took a while before I found PokeScan's PacficPikachu. Said the words "Surfing Pikachu" and discount! Got my Pokemon haul (Mezase Pokemon Master, Pokemon Best Collection, and Movie 8 guide) for $30.

Though the highlight of this adventure, besides the Pokemon haul, was Ever17. I was surprised to see it just sitting there with a "make offer" sticker on it.I asked the vender how much it was and he just went “…eh… how does $10 sound to you?” The guy obviously did not know how much one costs online.I asked the vender how much it was and he just went “…eh… how does $10 sound to you?” The guy obviously did not know how much one costs online.  I couldn't pass up the chance.

Day 0 Haul: Ever17, Mezase Pokemon Master, Pokemon Best Collection, Pokemon Movie 8 Program Guide, Rurouni Kenshin Wallscroll (for niichan), Slayers Playing cards, Horse Zodiac Necklace, and Pikachu & Mew cards.

{ DAY 1 }

Woke up at 6AM and went to the Fairmont to wait in line. Got my Memoirs of a Geisha book and spent a lot of time reading it. It's now one of my favorite books. It was hard standing in line so at some points I sat down while the line was at a standstill. The time seemed to past by slowly. We waited 3 hours in the register line and then an 1 hour in the line to pay/get our badges.

After that we went to get food, but in the meantime, someone threw a Pokeball at my back since I was dressed as a Pikachu. Yep, that was a thing.

We derped around for a while, trying to find the Artist Alley. There were no signs indicating where it was, we only knew it was at "South Hall". Yep. Eventually we found it and ran around looking at the art. I found nipachu and bought her OyashiroRika print and ib phone strap. I really love the rose touch. After that I found another artist with Higurashi art. It was little Rika from Higurashi Kira with Hanyuu. There needs more Higurashi love.

Then we went back to the convention where we split up. I went to this panel called, So You Want to Learn Japanese. Though after thirty minutes, I bailed. I just did not feel like it was very helpful to me. The panelist said that the textbook I used was bad, so welp. Should have noticed after seeing that I was the only one that raised their hand when he asked if anyone watched anime without subtitles. Granted this mostly refers to Higurashi, Pokemon, and YGO, but mostly Pokemon. The panelist kind of annoyed me as well.

I went to the dealers hall for the first time and walked around before Swap Meet time.

In the end, went back to the dorms with a new friend and got interviewed by this reporter from KTUV. Also gave this homeless guy the rest of our food since we knew it would be better for him than us since it would have spoiled overnight .We figured this after having carried the fruits around for half a day.

Day 1 Haul: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni/Kai Visual Novels

{ Day 2 }

Woke up at 8AM. Got my cosplay stuff ready, except one unfortunate thing; the shorts I had did not fit me so a friend had to fetch one of their pants to cut into shorts. We didn't have scissors until we went into this Japanese store. I was running late by the time we got back so I just decided to go to the Umineko Gathering in mid-cosplay. Sob. Regretted not being ready since they asked if we wanted to have pictures with them.

The gathering ran short since not a lot of characters came so I went back to where friends were at the dealers hall and got my cosplay ready. I couldn't get the bangs to be perfect, but other than that, I think the cosplay was fine. After getting my cosplay ready, I walked around Dealers Hall to get another feel for this place (and also to see if anyone recognized me). Friend and I went to this wig booth to see if there were any that fit Asuna from Sword Art Online. The dealer asked if I was cosplaying Rose from Homestuck. Welp. Well after looking at pictures, I can see why she asked that.

I looked at the clock, said my goodbyes, and off to the gathering I went! I felt so awkward. I'm sorry for being such a derp. I was so nervous and I didn't know how to pose. I need to fix that for the next gathering. It was my first gathering and real cosplay so, yeah.

After that I met up with friends at the Pokemon gathering. I was displeased by the fact that I couldn't see anything since I was so short. sobbu. Bought some hot dogs after that and then once again split up with everyone. Though this time it didn't fare so well. I called up a friend and they said they were going home which meant I didn't get to say goodbye which made me feel so bad, I started crying after I hung up. Though I watched the first two episodes of Hayate Cuties to cheer myself up. After a while I thought I could find a friend, but turned out she had gone to the clockwork ball. Though I didn't know that so I thought she was lost (and with her having no phone proved difficult). I derped and worried for nothing after she came back to the dorms while I was cooking eggs, bacon, and soup. 

Day 2 Haul: Hairnets for Wig

{ Day 3 }

Woke up at 8AM again and dressed up into my female!Ash outfit, but without the jacket, only a few people recognized me. I need that jacket sob. In any case, I spent the morning wandering around trying to find where G10 was since it was only labeled as "outside area" on the map. Soooo helpful.

It was not until a group of guys helped me out that I realized that I was in the right place the first time. It would be more helpful to say "In front of the Fairmont hotel" rather than near the snake statue.

I got there 15 minutes late to the Umineko Tea Party and had so much fun with the cosplayers. It had been a hwile since I talked about Umineko irl. It was refreshing to see them, but it was also frustrating learning that there was a Shannon cosplayer not at the gatherings.

Like what. WHY U NO APPEAR. My favorite character, why must you forsake me? /Kinzo

I also found out that one of the Battler's was MVB in this Vocaloid IRC channel I lurk into. I was confused at first since i thought he asked about a vocaloid forum, but it clicked. He reminded me that I had seen Stephiechu at all this Fanime, daww.

After that I met up with a friend where we wandered in the dealers hall. I ended up buying  Welcome to the NHK because I waited too long in one of the booths that had them. i didn't want to take a chance so I bought it from the other booth to finally finish my NHK collection. I've been trying to collect the anime since 2008 when Stephiechu bought the vol2+box on Rightstuf. Screw you volume 6, I got the S.A.V.E. edition!

Then we met up a friend and went to La Vics to get food. Though time was running out so I left to save them a seat as they wait for food to be called. It was an amazing panel. My favorite one at that! I loved how we talked about the Japanese version. It's such a rare topic, I just went all crazy and actually sat in the front. The panel dwelled on the banned episodes, Meowth's boss fantasies, Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, Magical Pokemon Journey manga, 4komas, and the Mew Stylus.

I ended up winning this Pikachu keychain and chimchar phone charm after answering Crogunk for something like "What Pokemon serves as a cockblock to Brock in Diamond & Pearl?".

After the panel, LittleKuriboh came in and all the screaming. "TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF!" It was a great panel as well. It's great that LK is now a full-fledged voice actor. I should watch the K-On movie dub sometime to see if I recognize his voices. There was a Q&A and then there was a screening of the first three minutes of the new YGO Abridged episode. "WE PLAY WE PLAY CARD GAMES!"

Then we went into Dealers Hall again where we got LittleKuriboh's autograph. I had one for my YGO manga, but hey, why not autograph my badge. Hehe. I got separated from a friend again and left for the Karaoke room to try and queue in. Nope, again I wasn't able to do so.

I still looked at the binders of karaoke. They had Rica matsumoto songs that I Thought no one would ever sing. I wanted to sing Noise or Itsuka Ashita ga Kitara, but I don't actually know the lyrics. The ones I have are translations sadly. Need to find the lyrics sometime so I can try and sing them.

Later I met up with friend again to eat bagels as we met a new friend. In which they introduced me to Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass, but in the multi-player mode. After saying goodbye to my friend I went to the Karaoke room and actually signed up for Karaoke!

I signed up for "Breeze" by Megumi Hayashibara from Slayers TRY. My favorite OP as a child so it held sentimental value for me. Throughout the song sessions, I walked in and out of the room to try and calm myself, and also talk to Moogleborg and his brother.

Once my turn came I didn't know it until they called for Slayers. Then I went up and sung my best, but as expected I made a mistake. I haven't sung the song in a few years so I knew I was going to mess up somewhere. Though I made up for it and I was glad at least one person knew what I singing from.

I shouted out to them by screaming "FIREBALL!" which, now that I think about it I should have said, "DRAGON SLAVE". We hugged and I felt so much better about myself. I left after seeing Moogleborg and his brother preform, It was so awesome. Kicks and the like.

{ Day 4 }

Woke up a little late, but made it just in time for the Rurouni Kenshin movie. I loved it, but if it weren't so early then I wouldn't have had trouble sitting still and being drowsy. After that made a trip to dealers hall one last time and then to the artist alley to get a Balut button.

Then we went back to the convention and waited in line for the closing ceremony. This one guy commented: "So we begin with a line and end with a line right?" To which we all laughed as we go into the room. There was a Q&A which went on longer than the program guide said so we had to leave to go clean and pack up in our dorm.

Day 4 haul: Balut Button

Overall, this was my favorite Fanime. Despite the mishaps, I really loved encountering other fans and discussing all sorts of things. I love this part of the year. I can be myself without feeling like I don't belong. Also the people are so friendly and so helpful, thanks to the guys that helped me find my way to G10. Also I was glad to buy Higurashi when I did, by Saturday there was only Kai left for purchase and by Monday they were all gone. I wish to experience this again someday. So much awesome in one weekend.
30th-May-2013 09:47 am (UTC)
Wow, all this in one weekend. As much as I'd love to do a whole weekend of Fanime, my body can only handle so much. Plus the fact I live in Oakland, no commute for me. But I'm glad you experienced the 4-day fun time.

First I have to wonder what the hell was Maureen Naylor of KTVU doing at Fanime? Plus this is an annual event. How does she not know of the Fanime?

Yeah, the G6, G8, G10 system this year confused the living hell out of me. Took me so many minutes to figure out where the hell the Pokemon gathering was. I went up and down stairs like a mad woman for like 10 minutes. I say it so many times in real life and I will say it again. Damn construction.

I am kicking myself that I missed the Higurashi gathering. My plan (though flawed as hell). I was going to go to the Pokemon one and then haul ass to Higurashi. But as you know, I got side-tracked by a Tracey cosplayer. And wanted to take him home. /has no shame

Okay, I would have guessed that you of all people had the full set to Welcome to the NHK. But good you got the whole set.

One regret of mine was that I did not go to the autograph session of Darrel Guilbeau. Let's just say I followed a Kybuey down a rabbit hole and ended up at the Madoka gathering.

But same time next year ^_^
31st-May-2013 06:59 am (UTC)
Yeep~ All that in one weekend! Yeah my body was aching each day, but I still had the energy to go on. Super fun yes!

Well I guess because SJSU had graduations so they were there because of that. She was just clueless about it. xD

Had to ask people around to find where the Pokemon Gathering was too (Thanks Red & Green). The Higurashi/Umineko Gatherings weren't too hard to figure out.

It's okay. The Higurashi gathering lasted for 30 minutes really. Tracey is your number one priority hehe. That's awesome that he got cosplayed!

It took a long while yes. It was either get the last Eden of the East movie or NHK, but I decided NHK since Chris Patton. Even though he did not appear at Fanime, he still influenced me to finally complete my collection.

Yeah I didn't get to go to the autograph sessions either. Being bummed about Chris Patton, made me deem it was not worth it. Ohoho. So basically QB lead you to wonderland.

Hopefully next year yes!
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