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2014 Meme 
30th-Dec-2014 06:33 am
Cute Pikachu Satoshi
 First Fandom of 2014: Sword Art Online




Thanks to skipping past through Extra Edition and just reminiscing about my experience with the SAO anime, I decided to download all of the current LNs (13 at the time) and read them in a week and a half. The first light novel marathon I have ever done. 

Easily it has secured its way into my all-time favorites. Alicization Anime plz. Need my Kirito & Eugeo!

Favorite Main Character of 2014: Kirito from Sword Art Online




With Jounouchi Katsuya from YGO as a close second. 

Just something about him. I just loved the way the novel described him. His driving force for SAO was his family—his little sister/cousin. I wish they animated “First Day”, but it was written as a short story…

Gosh I loved watching Phantom Bullet, even though A-1 totally had fun with the fanservice. Oh well not as bad as Higu in terms of fanservice so it’s passable. Kirito’s Kiriko voice— oh man. That was perfect. 

Now with the novels, GOSH. ALICIZATION PERIOD. Just seeing him and Eugeo develop throughout their adventures. I loved the flower part. Cries. I need this animated. please A-1.

Favorite Villain of 2014: Administrator from Sword Art Online




Man reading about administrator, just cries my feels with Eugeo and Kirito. The way she operates and controls her subjects just wow. Sobs. Eugeo. EUGEEEOOO.

Favorite Video Game Character of 2014: Roxas from Kingdom Hearts




I first came into this not playing II even though I read I was advised to play II even though it was a prequel sobs. I now know who Roxas is and how adorable he, Xion, and Axel were eating their little ice cream. sobs.

Favorite Game of 2014: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 




With Bioshock Infinite a little behind that too…

Though yeah, I borrowed this game for a friend and just there were times where I raged and times where I just was lost and thought I would never finish. Though once the ending came, I was satisfied.

The only thing is that it was hard to get through the plot with all these side missions. “plotmissionmissionmissionplotmissionmissionplotplotplot”

Favorite Het Couple of 2014: Hayate Ayasaki x Nagi Sanzenin (Hayate the Combat Butler)




Here they are once again~ 

So the 10 Anniversary OVAs are done. It’s been a great ride Hayate Anime. I’m not sure if you’ll ever get a Season 4, but you ended it with a wedding. I’m so happy even if it’s just a board game wedding, the wedding was animated. It was nice getting Nagi’s kissu scene animated too. 

Favorite Yuri Couple of 2014: Yuuki Asuna x Yuuki Konno (Sword Art Online)




Mothers Rosario.

Oh Mothers Rosario. The feels you gave me when I read the novel and the tears I shed during the anime as well. Yuuki Yuuki. I just love these two, their interactions and the little quirks. They’re my Asuna!OTP and sobs if only she got better.

Favorite Yaoi Couple of 2014: Jounouchi Katsuya x Yuugi Mutou (Yu-Gi-Oh)




With DragonShipping (Jounouchi Katsuya/Yami) as a close second. 

After looking at some liveblogs while doing my own liveblog, I just felt like I opened my eyes to a great shipping. During my YGO days I shipped Jounouchi with everyone, but my OTP for him was most definitely Puppyshipping (with Kaiba). Though man, I missed out on a great ship. These two are the cutest best friends that’ll do anything for one another. 

Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into: Love Live




What can I say, I’m a sucker for rhythm games— oh there was an anime

Well I finally watched the anime and now I know who the characters are. The game is very limited into getting to know them. Though man. Hanayo is me. Though instead of becoming a different person with idols I be animu/manga. Rin is still my fave though~ nyan nyan!

Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback: Yu-Gi-Oh




Hellllooo Yu-Gi-Oh self. You are back in business.

Many of you may remember me as Katsu Koneko. I used to be obsessed with Jounouchi KATSUya until 2005. After starting Arc-V, I decided during the summer to marathon Toei YGO once again. Well, I forgot how much I used to love that YGO and decided to finally MARATHON THE REST OF THE MANGA.

Oh, it began. My YGO spirit rekindled itself once more. After finishing up the manga after years of putting it off, I decided to marathon Zexal II and then GX. I gave up after Zexal I and thought I wouldn’t touch it again.

I was finally caught up to YGO just like how I am with Pokemon/PokeAni. 

Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack: Sword Art Online




Just meeting the SAO Homodachis on twitter, cries. I love these guys so much even though I’m pretty much the oldest senpai oops. They really made my days during the summer when I felt like I had no one to talk to about SAO and also with everything that happened then too sobs. From Asada-sans to YujiKiri, gosh it’s always a blast seeing them on my dash.

Last Fandom of 2014: Pinocchio




I blame miralayeah once again for getting me into this kdrama—okay I saw it on tumblr first, but but she and I watched it together during Christmas.

Just look at this kiss. GOSH. okay it’s imaginary but ahhh

also gosh LEE JONG SUK. I think he’s my first celebrity crush. cries. I know his name now. I can spell it without going PARK SOO HAAAAA

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