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Anime Expo 2016 
6th-Jul-2016 10:20 pm
Cute Pikachu Satoshi
Alrighty alrighty, what can I say about Anime Expo 2016? I'm once again in post-con depression just derping. I still can't believe it's over, the week of fun already came and went like a flash. I already miss seeing everyone and talking to fellow fans in lines. I just can't. I wish it were longer ugh.

Like last year I met several people that I've known for years and we happened to be at AX at the same time which was awesome. There were a lot more people though so there were lots of lines welp.

{DAY 0}

My flight was delayed for 30 mins or so, I decided to just doodle while waiting. I tried rereading my SAO light novel, but I just couldn't find the motivation to when I was focusing on waiting for my flight to arrive oops. 

I ended up knocking out for half the flight since i saw people eating snacks when I came to. Welp. 

Met up with [Unknown LJ tag] (ash) and [Unknown LJ tag] (jon) and took the shuttle back to the hotel to explore Little Tokyo to eat food. We split up after roaming around a bit and went back to the hotel where we prepared our stuff for day 1! 

{DAY 1}

Set my alarm to 5:50 (ungodly hour, but learning about how long people wait for autograph TICKETS well... it was a given) to dress up into my Satoko cosplay and waited a looong time for the shuttle they weren't kidding with the ever 30-60 minutes ugh. Before the shuttle came these two drivers started fighting like full on fist fighting, one was on the ground. The hotel security came by and a few minutes later the police came as well and handcuffed one of them. The shuttle came during the aftermath and told us they were probably fighting over the parking spot. 

IT WAS 7AM... NOT EVEN 8.... wtf dudes.

So I arrive at the convention center and man there were lines everywhere... Like it's almost 8AM and the convention center doesn't open for a few hours. HOW HARDCORE IS EVERYONE?? I finally found the autograph ticket line and learned that the people in the very front were standing there since 9:30PM the night before. I was getting dinner at that time, DAMN PEOPLE are hardcore. 

Suwabe was the first to go on standby within like 30 mins or so after the line started moving. I'm glad I wasn't aiming for him I was successful in who I was though. Kotaro Uchikoshi! He, Takumi Nakazawa, and Ryukishi07 started my Visual Novel journey. After I got the ticket I wandered around and got in line because what else am I supposed to do for a few hours till autographs. I managed to bump into [Unknown LJ tag] (Isae) and exchanged goods while also talking about Higurashi stuff. Told a fellow cosplayer where about the gathering. 

Wandered over to Kentia Hall after departing with [tumblr.com profile] this-endless-june (isae) and drew a quick sketch for Uchikoshi. didn't think I would be able to see him since that long ass line. Walked into the autograph area after finishing up my doodle and waited in line to get my Ever17 to be signed. I counted that I was the 4th person to go up there and have him sign Ever17 and the rest of the people in line wanted Zero Time Dilemma to be signed.  

I derped when it was my turn. He ended up writing my entire name on the cover instead of the just writing my first name, but oh well~ I took a picture and shook his hand feeling accomplished and wandered over to the Dealers Hall where I met up with [Unknown LJ tag] (evannyan) briefly after I bought SAO stuff at the Aniplex booth to get my autograph ticket. 

We've known each other since 2008 and this was our first time actually meeting face to face. Of course we reminded ourselves of the anime that is MD Geist that led to many years of derping around. Ugh we had this a long time coming I swear. It was great finally meeting him. Ugh I love meeting friends offline at cons.

After departing with him, I went outside and waited for [Unknown LJ tag] (Volt) and [Unknown LJ tag] (Yahoo) to arrive with my phone dying on me oops. They managed to find me and we derped around watching cosplays while also transfering Pokemon data to my X&Omega Ruby. I had a bacon dog since I was hungry because I forgot to eat at that point since what is waiting in line. 

[Unknown LJ tag] (volt) was another person that I've talked to on and off for years and this was also our first meeting offline. We bonded over at Janime, my very first forum during my Yu-Gi-Oh days, and we managed to keep in contact with each other since which is awesome. Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon what a mix. 

After that meeting I got lost trying to find the 07th Expansion gathering, though I managed to find these Keiichi & Rika cosplayers also waiting for the gathering. Our Irie came and notified us that the gathering site was actually further away from where we were waiting at. Compared to last year it was just the four of us Higurashi cosplayers. After we took pictures at the site we decided to take pictures at the cosplay sets in the Entertainment Hall. 

It was pretty fun, but I wish I knew how to pose. UGh. I'm still a derp at cosplaying. 

After that it was pretty derp wandering around the convention with [tumblr.com profile] snarkposts (ash) and getting dinner then going back to hotel to rewatch some One Punch Man. 

{DAY 2}

Decided to wait for everyone to get ready this time to go to the convention center. [Unknown LJ tag] (cynpai) and I waited in line to get our Japan Super Live tickets since one of the staff members said it was better to get them right at that moment since people would rush to get it later. It was fun talking to people in line though, I was surprised to find someone to talk to about Alicization with, though I sadly couldn't get their twitter handle ugh. Though choosing to do this ended up costing the SAO festival for me.

I was really disappointed at how the staff handled the situation. 

I wanted to cry in frustration because of how long they made us wait without any warning or status of the situation. The line was moving and suddenly it stopped. They kept letting people in line though which was just why? The guy in front of me told me that hall should have fit all of us and that it was weird that they kept us waiting for nothing. 

I just knew that after my charger died that my day wouldn't go as planned yep. I managed to find a new charger though at Dealers Hall, that was such a lifesaver. I ended up wandering a bit while I sulked. I managed to find myself an itabag booth which was amazing since i've always wanted one to make a KeiRika bag for. I decided to get one as a gift to myself as well as the anisong shirt and glow stick for the Super Live later that night.

Seeing the english cast of SAO really brightened up my day though even if I couldn't make it to their panel I could be close to them as they signed vol 1 of my SAO LN. Silica's voice actor recognized my cosplay as the Pokemon Sun & Moon girl and Yuuki's voice actor and I bonded over our names. It was funny how she told me that she would tip Starbucks people if they got her name right. Kirito was so proud that I voted for him at the SAO election while Asuna and Suguha fought over that which was funny. I got to tell Sinon's voice actor that i loved her as Izumi from Digimon Frontier and Suguha's voice actor as Nami from League of Legends.

Ugh they really made that bad morning seem to fly away. I wanted to shake their hands so badly, but I was just so caught up in the moment by being in their presence and actually having idle chatter with them I'm just like 'what is life what is derp idek what i'm doing right now' 

Will I ever stop feeling this way about meeting famous people? Doesn't look like I will anytime soon. My mind always goes blank whenever I meet famous people.

After that I wandered around even more Dealer's Hall before deciding that it was time to see where the concert hall was going to be. I'll never forget what I saw at the mangagamer booth though. These two guys doing 18+ touching to this lifesize silicon figure of Haruka from Beat Blades Haruka. Just wow guys really??? You're in public view and you're really doing that and taking ph

Waited for [Unknown LJ tag]  (cynpai) to arrive so we can walk to the concert location, though we grabbed some starbucks along the way. Going inside was pretty nerve-wracking, the lady that checked my bags was so rude like I'm sorry I didn't go back to the hotel to drop all my stuff off since the shuttle takes forever to get here and back. I said sorry when my water tumblr fell, but she just sighed as I told her what was in my bag. Like I really thought it would be like the con-bag check, but they were more strict here

Though the concert really made me forget about all that. It was sooo big and we had good seats too! I was so excited! I yelled out so much and waved around the glow stick thing. I cried when Eir Aoi sang Ignite since that was the very song that I've always wanted to hear live and the very reason that I decided to have Japan Super Live as my first concert ever. I had so many feels hearing Eir Aoi and Luna Haruna sing Melissa from FMA and Luna Haruna singing Overfly was just ahhhhhhhhhh. I love that ED so much. 

T.M. Revolution really killed it though. Resonance, Heart of Sword, and the duet with Nana Mizuki recording just woow this man. He's been in the anime scene for so long, but man he still so energetic and he looks so young I can't believeeee. That much energy just wow. "MAKE SOME NOISE!" "I LOVE YOU LA!"

I didn't really know Minami, DJ Kazu, or Sphere so I didn't really engage that much with their parts. Though I do love Yoko Ishida singing God Knows with Minami, that was great. 

When Jam Project came on singing those medley of songs from DBZ and Buso Renkin I was flooored because I never expected to hear those songs. Then of course One Punch Man OP really set things on fire and the last song they did really gave me feels. SKILL is such a good song, it was great to go out with a bang. My Jam Project self from before Rica left pretty much screamed, though also my current self is still going "RICA COME BACK PLS I WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE".

The concert was from 7PM to 11PM which was pretty long~ Our voices were pretty much ded from all the yelling gosh. We went out for Ramen after that for a very late dinner and.... well I had two hours of sleep that night oooops. Derped around and prepared for the next day. 

{DAY 3}

Waited for Dealers Hall to be open and basically wandered around or basically tried to wander through all of the dealers booths. Just omg there was so much. I showed [Unknown LJ tag]  (cynpai) the itbag booth and scoured over towards the doujinshi booths. I was surprised to see a Haruka/Nagisa (Free) Doujinshi since wow my rareotp! I mulled over it a few days before but ultimately decided to get it since when will I ever see a doujin again? 

After that we went to TeamFourStar's and LittleKuriboh's booths and I got Lanipator's, LittleKuriboh's, and Takahata101's autographs (after getting autograph boards from mangagamer). It was great to finally see Lanipator in person after following him since his Yu Yu Hakusho abridged days. YGO & YYH Abridged were like my first Abridged series I've ever seen so it was pretty special to see Lanipator there. I also liked watching his lets plays, which he did more of them again. 

Then I decided it was time, time for me to finally purchase Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and Hayate no Gotoku. We met up with [Unknown LJ tag] (ash) at the Sentai booth while I got the Umaru-chan after purchasing these two series. It wasn't yolo day for nothing. We went to the Riot booth soon after and I finally got my hands on the Nami Figure and Poro plushies. I've been wanting these for a while now even though I pretty much gave up on League all together. 

We wandered into Artist Alley and man there were so many artists in there though we managed to find [Unknown LJ tag] (ivory) out of the masses and talked a bit about PokeAni again. Wheee. Also managed to a Digimon artbook combo with posters because Takuya being in the cover has sold it to me. People remembering Frontier exists are my favorite people yay.

When it was time for lunch time we decided to regroup with the others for subway, but before that we bumped into [Unknown LJ tag] (Patit was quite a surprise to see her. I didn't think my vague description of myself would have her find me hehe. We said hellos and goodbyes since we met up with the others outside of the con to get food. I ended up getting the Italian Hero since I wanted to try something new and also since i usually get Italian BLT, I wanted to see what it was like. I derped on ordering since I forgot how subway worked oops.

Once the Pokemon gathering time was soon approaching, I split up and got lost. The gathering sites were all over the place so this pokemon group and I were roaming around site 8 then site 2, and then finally to the Staples Center where a huge gathering of Pokemon were seen. There were so many people I couldn't really see so I just hung around my Alola peeps for a bit. 

I ended up getting pictures anyway with my newest custom Rowlet in my hands, but what is posing I can't pose for crap since i'm so awkward. By the time the gathering was ending, I could finally see over people - ugh the struggles of being short.

I met up with my friend Lily after that for Sushi, but not just any Sushi, revolving sushi~ It was quite an experience! We came at the quietest time to the busiest time where people were just all over the bar! I had so much sushi, I packed up the leftovers to take with me back to the hotel. This guy thought my trainer beanie was a hand and I was like NOPE. It was so much fun and she even gave me a Pikachu because ugh I love Pikachu sooo much. Before we split up though, we went to Marukai and got some chocolate and Pokemon stuff to take back with us.

I went back to the hotel and started packing with [Unknown LJ tag]  (cynpai) while her sister and coworker were dancing at the convention. It was fun listening to anime openings while doing so. When they did come back we decided to put on Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time. That was a blast from the past. It was hard deciding how to pack stuff so I decided to leave some of the stuff for the next day.

{DAY 4}

Welp, forgot to put an alarm this time, but oh well we all got lucky and arrived at the convention. I met up with [Unknown LJ tag] (ash) after splitting up with the others to go to the last major event of the convention for me, the Cowboy Bebop Jazz Cat Experience. It was really seeing the dancers and hearing them sing as well. Though I felt a tad underwhelmed since I pretty much forgot a lot of the OST so it really didn't give me that much of an impact... though there was also the concert on Saturday as well.

It was fun seeing the voice actors though, they really gave me so many memories since they were also the voices I grew up with in my childhood anime. I loved hearing Steve Blum's stories especially the one about his tattoo being the soundwave of "BANG" that was just awesome though man hearing about how painful it must have been ouuuchh. Him also talking about playing instruments one day with hi friends after his Tattoo procedure and having blood gush out I was just like "O.O wow man how do you do the things".

We regrouped back to the Artist Alley and covered the rest of the Alley. I was a tad sad that the print I wanted was gone but oh well. It was then we decided that it was time to leave the convention for reals and take the shuttle back to the hotel. We chilled for a bit and also checked in for our flights for the next day and then went downstairs to nom at this ramen place. It was really gooood~ I also liked the karage and takoyaki too.

It was then we decided to head back to Little Tokyo and finally explored the AnimeJungle areas. Though seeing the J-Fashion store made my wallet hurt since the stuff there was like $100 and I was just like "NOOPES AWAY". Now AnimeJungle was so much fun. Seeing gunplas for real and seeing all the retro stuff, I just couldn't help myself in buying the rest of Higurashi and a Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku figure. I really wanted to also get the SAO BDs but it just didn't seem worth it at the time. We saw that there was no line for the photobooth we decided to derp around and take our own pictures. It was just so silly and ugh so much kanji to see.

Lastly we tried getting Taiyaki, but the store closed by the time we got there so we decided to go back to Marukai and get some mochi ice cream instead and go back to the hotel to pack for tomorrow's departure. We ended up marathoning some Angel Beats and almost got to finish it. 


We doublechecked everything and packed whatever small things we could for our carry ons. Man I was worried my suitcase was going to be more than 50 lbs but I was so happy it wasn't. Our last meal was at In-N-Out and we walked to the shuttle stop. Once the shuttle arrived I knew it was time for us to depart soon since my terminal was the first one. 

I said goodbye and waved at them once more before going inside. It was a long wait for the plane since it was delayed again. I decided to doodle again while listening to music on my ipod. My highlight of the wait though was hearing the flight person call for Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen to board the plane  at the gate I was waiting at.

Sadly I did not get to see either of them. I wanted to get photos dang it!

I arrived home safely with taco bell and unpacked before passing out.


It was a great experience this year once again asside from the minor setbacks. My charger died, I couldn't make it to the SAO Panel, that security lady, and losing the custom Litten plushie. Ugh. Oh well. I got through most of my accomplishments at least. I loved seeing everyone again especially cynpai and I loved meeting new peoples. I wish I could go to another con again soon. 

Also I had to rewrite most of this entry since it went to the previous page before i could save it. So some parts are probably like not worded well as I'd like. .


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