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Cooking Pikachu
Artist Pikachu
Mushroom Chu
Darumaka Chu (In December)
Pikachu ShinyDos
I <3 Pikachu
Little Tales Pikachu
Movie 8 Pikachu - ClownChu - Tomy 2005 Pikachu


N (Best Wishes Partners)
Satoshi/Ash (ALL - mostly DP)

Basically anything of the anime in JAPANESE.


Satoshi/Ash Settei

Will probably add more once I figure out what I want, but basically Pikachu and Satoshi/Ash are my main deals.

Cute Pikachu Satoshi

Anime Expo 2016

Alrighty alrighty, what can I say about Anime Expo 2016? I'm once again in post-con depression just derping. I still can't believe it's over, the week of fun already came and went like a flash. I already miss seeing everyone and talking to fellow fans in lines. I just can't. I wish it were longer ugh.

Like last year I met several people that I've known for years and we happened to be at AX at the same time which was awesome. There were a lot more people though so there were lots of lines welp.Collapse )</div> 

Cute Pikachu Satoshi

Fanime 2013 Shenanigans

And so another year of Fanime has past. The major difference is that I actually went for all four days this time, five if you count Day 0. I feel more accomplished this year than the other years I've been going to it. I'm so happy I got to finally experience a full con this year. It will be a long time before this will happen again.

Ahh, only a day after the convention ended and my feet still hurt from walking everywhere all weekend.

Collapse )